The Answer to your New Year’s Resolutions

I recently read an article about New Year’s resolutions. It said “Nearly 41 percent of Americans are making resolutions this year, and 35 percent of people will break them by the end of the month”, according to a  survey conducted by MedPage Today and revealed by Everyday Health.

After reading the article it occurred to me that taking a trip to Timber Bay can assist you in keeping to your resolutions. Here are some of the top resolutions for 2012 and how we can help.

*Exercise More

  • Take a walk or run on the trail thru the woods
  • Canoe or Kayak Birch Lake
  • Take a bike ride

*To Stop and Smell the Roses

  • Ok, so we don’t really have any roses growing, but you can certainly enjoy the wonderful smell of pine trees
  • A campfire or crisp leaves in the Fall
  • The smell of fresh walleye frying.

*Set aside some time for yourself

  • Send your kids to Kids Klub. Enjoy your alone time reading, golfing, fishing, sleeping or whatever you want to do

And lastly, but probably the number one resolution of the year..

*Spend more time with my Family and Friends

  • I think you get the picture

Come visit, it’s good for you!

Hope to see you soon! The Rykken’s

We’ve got two fun events coming up in the area:
Fun Run- Babbitt, Ely Jan 2012
Ely Winter Festival – Feb 2012