Frequently Asked Questions

  • How big is the Lake?

    Birch Lake is 20 miles long. It’s long and windy and has lots of islands. Birch is 80% Forest Service property so it’s very undeveloped.

  • Do we need to rent an additional small boat along with the houseboat?

    No, we do not require an additional small boat with the houseboat.  If you’d like to bring or rent a boat for fishing or exploring you can launch it at the resort.

  • Do we have to start our trip on a certain day?

    No, we are very flexible. It’s your vacation.

  • What time is Check In? Check Out?

    On the first day of your trip please arrive any time after 1:00pm and before 5:00pm. On your last day, we need you back at dock about 9:30am

  • Where do we park overnight and do we need a permit?

    You do not need any permits to dock/camp on Birch Lake.

    There are suggested tie up sites indicated on the lake map you will receive upon arrival. These are Forest Service campsites, so they are wilderness sites. No docks or signs. But most will have a fire ring and are more easily accessible. You must tie up your houseboat in the evening before dark. You may not anchor in the middle of the lake overnight.

  • Do we drive the houseboat ourselves? Do we need any special license?

    You will captain your own houseboat. No special license needed. We will review lake information/navigation and tie up procedures in the office upon your arrival. Then dock staff will review the operation of the houseboat, mechanics and ensure you are comfortable to operate the houseboat before leaving dock.

  • How much gas will we use?

    Fuel usage averages 4-6 gallons/day on most boats. The larger 50’ and 52’ averages 7-10 gallons/day

  • What type cell phone reception can I expect?

    AT&T and Verizon will give you the best coverage

  • What if we need supplies when out on the lake?

    A Hospitality/Service Boat carrying ice, bait, gas, firewood and call ahead grocery items will be out on the lake Sunday and Wednesday morning. Along with delivering items they will check your gas, pick up garbage and assist you if needed.

  • Can I plug in my blow dryer? What sort of power do we have?

    The refrigerator and stove are run by propane along with battery operated lights. The 30’, 35’, 38’, 40’ and 44’ houseboats have 12Volt electricity. This means you have the power to use the cigarette plug with a car phone charger to charge phones etc. If you need 110 V, household electricity we will add a generator at no charge. You will then have two outlets to do your charging or use a blow dryer, blender etc. The 50’ and 52’ houseboats have built in generators to run when you need electricity.

  • How do we make coffee?

    On most of the boats there is a Percolator style (stove top type) coffee pot. On the 50’ and 52’ houseboat there is an automatic coffee pot.

  • How big is the refrigerator?

    The refrigerator is a typical RV propane style. The 30’ houseboat is 5 cu ft. The rest of the boats are 8 cu ft plus a 2cu ft freezer. We also supply a large cooler on your front deck for pop, beer, water etc.

  • Can we drink the water?

    Yes, each boat has a fresh water faucet. We do suggest bringing some bottled water to keep cold. The fresh water is not refrigerator cold.

  • Are pets allowed?

    Yes, we do allow pets.  They must be kept off the furniture. The pet charge is $30/night or $150/week

  • Do the houseboats have slides?

    Yes, all of our houseboat have slides.

  • What do we need to bring?

    We suggest bringing the following: cell phone, portable radio, camera, binoculars, cards and games, reading material, suntan lotion, insect spray, rain gear, fishing equipment, sleeping bags, dish/bath/beach towels

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