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We’re going to need a bigger boat – great Timber Bay Houseboat video guest homage

This video was produced by a guest of ours! Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us!

The Fishing is Great

Just a taste of the great fishing we’ve seen this year…

Courtney and Kylie tube for their first time ever!

2012 Winter pictures

This winter has been different. Not as much snow as we had last year –and we have mixed feelings about that. We love snow. We don’t love shoveling. But it’s been cold – and there has been enough snow to have some fun. We’ve been skating and we’ve taking sledding to a new height. And…

Share some time at Timber Bay

We love to see families having a good time. It brings out the best in everyone. Not more bickering, lots more sharing. For example, here’s Josie sharing her cheese puffs with Timber.

September Newsletter

According to the calendar, we have a few more weeks of fall but for most of us it feels like autumn. The kids are back in school. The mornings are getting cooler. The sunset is happening earlier. Now is a perfect time to think about how you’re going to celebrate the season. Fall Colors The…

August Newsletter – Plenty to do at Timber Bay

Sick of the heat, the work, the bored kids, the same old? We’re enjoying the summer on Birch Lake… Please check the web site for availability: Hope to see you soon! The Rykkens

Great Week for Church Group

We had a fantastic church youth group up last week. They enjoyed lots of time on the houseboat and got the grownups to put on one spectacular beach party. What a fun Minnesota adventure! [slideshow]

See the inside of a houseboat

You know what they say with real estate the most important aspect is location, location, locations. And the houseboats have that in spades – where else can you literally dive into the water from your bed. But lately we’ve had a few folks call asking for more info on the inside of the houseboat. They are very…

New video of Timber Bay

We’re delighted to unveil our new video. [youtube=]