Romance on the Houseboat

We had to share this fun story for Valentine’s Day…

We had a couple get engaged at the resort last summer. The boyfriend (well, not to ruin the story but we’ll call him the Groom) had us help him arrange it a month ahead of time…

The Groom and his family and girlfriend were going on a houseboat trip for a week. His girlfriend had received a parking ticket earlier in the summer.

We arranged for a friend of ours to pull up to the houseboat and pretend to be checking license and fish counts. No one on the boat knew what was going on except for the Groom. We had it arranged for Wednesday around noon. That morning the Groom called into the resort that morning to let us know what island they

So our friend, the license inspector, sees them and asks for all the fishing licenses. When he reviews the girlfriend’s license he says that there was a problem….. she had an unpaid ticket and that she was really in trouble.

Then the Groom says something to the effect that he can help her with this problem – try to clear things up – but then says she’ll owe him for a long time and proposes to her.

Talk about the catch of the day!