Beth has recently made a change. She is now a real estate agent with newly formed z’UP NORTH REALTY in Babbitt. It is located in the Babbitt Shopping Center. If you are thinking of purchasing some lakeshore or maybe a cabin, feel free to give Beth a call at 218-929-0940 or check out the website www.zupnorth.com

Summer Openings

As summer draws near, it’s time to begin planning your family summer vacation. We realize that a full week vacation is not always an option for families for a variety of reasons. To help accomodate schedules, finances and the importance of family time, Timber Bay Lodge & Houseboats are offering 3 and 4 day vacations in both the cabins and the houseboats through out the entire summer. Don’t let your summer pass you by.

Ely for the Olympics in 2016

Ely has officially announced its bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics. I know, it’s going to be a tough run, but it’s also going to be fun! We have lots of good reasons for why the Olympic Committee should pick them.

You can learn more on the Official Ely 2016 web site or on the video below:


We’re behind ’em all the way at Timber Bay Houseboats & Lodge.