Winter Trail Report: Ely MN – March 6

Thanks to the Ely Chamber for sharing the latest trail reports. And if you’re heading up – we suggest you stay at the Timber Bay Lodge!


Snowmobile Trails


The 26 mile Stony Spur Trail: This trail was groomed Thursday night. The Secret Trail from the Stony Spur to Birch Lake is once again open and very beautiful. This trail remains in good condition.


Taconite Spur from Babbitt to Ely will be groomed by the weekend. The Taconite Spur from Babbitt to Giant’s Ridge was groomed on Wednesday night. Both in good to excellent condition.


The Bear Island Lake trail is in good shape. Watch for a small pressure ridge which popped up about halfway across the lake a couple of weeks ago.


The Tomahawk Trail & Local Trails: The trails have been groomed and are in good condition.


The Taconite State Trail and local snowmobile trails – Trail conditions remain very good with a 1-4 inch base. Groomers will be out again this coming weekend as needed.


Bear Island State Forest –These trails are in very good shape with a 2-6 inch base. Trail grooming will continue as needed.


Cross Country Ski Trails


The Hidden Valley Cross Country Ski Trails – There are over 15 kilometres of trails groomed and tracked at Hidden Valley. These trails are groomed and tracked regularly. You can expect great skiing conditions at this time. Please, no dogs on this trail.


Birch Lake Plantation is groomed for classic skiing but the deer are wild out there and favor running on the ski trails. Some great wildlife to observe, though, and conditions are still fine.


The Babbitt Golf Course Trails were groomed and tracked over the weekend. Conditions are excellent for both classic and skating.


The Norberg Lake loop was last groomed on 2/20, user tracks have kept the trail in very good condition. Due to staffing, the Becky Lake trail will not be groomed this winter. It is a wonderful loop for snowshoes and snow conditions are wonderful. Visitors continue to see otter, deer, fox, moose and wolf tracks in the park.


The North Junction trails are in good shape – good base, icy in a few spots but well covered.


The North Arm Trails are in great shape. It been a great ski season of deep snow and yet the lakes still seem to be slush free according to skiers getting further out. With the longer and warmer days plan to come on out—it’s beautiful out there.


The Pine Park trails are in great shape!


Trezona Trail –This trail is groomed for classic and skate skiing and is in nice shape.


Silver Rapids Trail – These trails are groomed and are in good condition. People interested in using the trails should check at the lodge as to where they should park. Do not park down by the Retreat cabin.


The Bear Island XC Ski trail adjacent to Escape Road will be groomed again before the weekend—the trail off of Highway 21/Escape Road will not be groomed again unless we receive more snow. Rocks are exposed in areas of full sun.


South Farm Trails – These trails are user tracked all the way and offer opportunities for skiers of all skill levels. If someone is looking for a trail-breaking opportunity, or a little-used wilderness trail, this is it.


Please note that trail conditions can change on a daily basis. Please call ahead for the most current trail conditions.



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