The Ryykens

We’re pleased to present the latest picture of the Ryykens. Clearly it wasn’t taken in the last couple of weeks – it’s actually a shot of us enjoying the warm sun last summer.


For a fun look at us through the ages – please visit the Timber Bay Lodge & Houseboat web site.

We’re up to 3 feet of Snow!

This is a winter! The Ely Chamber of Commerce tracks the area tracks. We thought we’d give the Readers Digest version – please visit the Ely Chamber for the details:

Snowmobile Trails

  • The 26 mile Stony Spur snowmobile trail is groomed and in good condition.
  • The Taconite Spur snowmobile trail intersecting Giants Ridge and the Iron Ore Trail is a high traffic section of trail and trail conditions can change rapidly.
  • The Bear Island Lake Snowmobile route/trail has been marked.
  • The Tomahawk Trail and local are in excellent condition with a 2-6 inch base.

Cross Country Ski Trails

  • The Hidden Valley Cross Country Ski Trails are groomed and tracked to perfection several times a week by groomers who are themselves skiers.
  • The Birch Lake White Pine is well marked and there is lots of wildlife moving around again.
  • The Babbitt Golf Course trails have new snow, are packed, groomed and tracked for classic and skate skiers. Conditions are excellent.
  • The Bear Head State Park Trails wind through mixed pine, balsam, birch and aspen stand and skirt four lakes along the way.
  • The North Junction Trails consist of a series of loops.
  • The North Arm Trail is one of the premier skier-tracked trail systems in the area with 30 km of scenic trails in and out of the BWCA Wilderness.
  • The Pine Park Trail is groomed on a regular basis and are in excellent shape for classic skiing.
  • Dogs are allowed on this the Trezona Trail.
  • Silver Rapids Trails are groomed, cut wide, have an 8-10 inch base and are in excellent condition. Skiers are seeing deer on the trail!
  • Bear Island XC Ski trail adjacent to Escape Road was last groomed recently but can change rapidly due to snowmobile and mushing traffic.

And remember we have just the winter cabin here at Timber Bay for you and your group of friends to stay and play!

2 ½ feet of snow

Yup – we have over 2 ½ feet of snow. That’s taller than a toddler!

The snowmobile trails are in great condition. It’s a little chilly – but it’s beautiful. We’re going to try to follow up with a picture soon.

If you’re into winter now is a perfect time to visit us up in Ely!