Monthly Archives: January 2009

The Ryykens

We’re pleased to present the latest picture of the Ryykens. Clearly it wasn’t taken in the last couple of weeks – it’s actually a shot of us enjoying the warm sun last summer. For a fun look at us through the ages – please visit the Timber Bay Lodge & Houseboat web site.

We’re up to 3 feet of Snow!

This is a winter! The Ely Chamber of Commerce tracks the area tracks. We thought we’d give the Readers Digest version – please visit the Ely Chamber for the details: Snowmobile Trails The 26 mile Stony Spur snowmobile trail is groomed and in good condition. The Taconite Spur snowmobile trail intersecting Giants Ridge and the…

2 ½ feet of snow

Yup – we have over 2 ½ feet of snow. That’s taller than a toddler! The snowmobile trails are in great condition. It’s a little chilly – but it’s beautiful. We’re going to try to follow up with a picture soon. If you’re into winter now is a perfect time to visit us up in…