Welcome European Visitors

We’ve had two families from Europe take houseboat vacations this summer. It’s been fun to represent what we think if best about the country – outdoors, fishing, boating, and good company. For both families the idea of staying on a houseboat was new and intriguing.

One family was here for a week from Denmark. The son was a foreign exchange student in Mora MN last year. They came back so he could visit friends and then they spent a week here.

The next family just arrived yesterday from the Netherlands. The father and son duo are going to stay for two weeks. We’re so excited to have them. The fun story is that they just decided to come last week. The found our web site, booked a flight to Duluth and here they are. Don’t you just love that sense of adventure?!

We are overwhelmed with how easy it is to get here from Europe. We’re used to people spending a day driving to see us – really there’s not much difference spending a day to fly these days. Another eye opener – our international visitors find gas in the US to be cheap!